Fast, effective Q&A screening tool
your candidates will love

Screen people, not CVs.

You set the questions & your candidates answer before the deadline. Q&A formats include video-selfie, MCQ and nano-essay. Randomization and one-time only spontaneous settings available.

Build great teams, fast.

Get to know your candidates in a matter of minutes.
Don't waste their time.

High performance team
High performance team

Accelerate your business with high performance teams. Access more details about more candidates, and hire the best fast.

Ask the right questions
Ask the right questions

By asking the right questions, you can accelerate the hiring power of recorded video-selfies. Don't know what questions to ask? We can help.

People are not CVs
People are not CVs

CVs are a poor representation of a person, but until recorded video you had no choice but to rely so heavily on CVs as your dominant indicator for screening.

Not anymore.

Guess no longer
Guess no longer

Never again will you need to dedicate your valuable time to meeting a candidate that has a convincing CV but after meeting for 2 seconds you know they're not the right fit.

Never again, we promise.

Get hired fast
Get hired fast

By inviting you to answer questions via video-selfies employers can get to know you fast.

This means they can make offers very fast.

No need to schedule
No need to schedule

Do you have busy shifts? Are you applying for jobs in a different time-zone? You can do your video-selfie interview at a time that is completely up to you.

No need to schedule an appointment.

No need to sit in traffic
No need to sit in traffic

No longer do you need to travel all the way to meet the employer face-to-face only to be disappointed by them, or realise that the job isn't for you.

Phew! No more time-wasting.

You are more than a CV
You are more than a CV

With Astronaut you can show employers who you are. A CV has important information but it can never represent your style, your quick thinking or your language skills.

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Screen people, not CVs

With Astronaut, the depth of information that you receive about every candidate goes far beyond that on a CV. Choose the right questions to match the role, and the candidates answer via recorded video. It makes the application screening process simple, easy and blazingly fast for both you and the candidates.

It's like every candidate gets a first round opportunity. You guarantee that you're not missing out on great talent, and you're helping bring the speed and efficiency of digital process transformation to your organisation.

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Astronaut web app
Astronaut mobile app

You get an interview, everytime

Even your best CV is a poor representation of who you are. How can a PDF represent you, right?

With Astronaut, you can show the employer your personality, attitude and style, and you also get the chance to answer job-related questions to show that you know your stuff!

Normally this privilege is saved only for those offered a face-to-face interview, but now you get to "interview everytime"!

Astronaut mobile app

Quick assessment tools

The world of psychometric testing is changing, fast. Keep your brand strong and transition to a testing experience that candidates actually like. Fast, mobile-friendly testing with multiple-choice questions is possible in Astronaut. You choose the questions and the candidates answer within the deadline.

Speak to us about your needs and we’ll tailor it for you.

Astronaut web app

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